Not to provoke adultery on the part of your lover, on hearing this, the man needs to decide for themselves how to live further. If you have suffered this fate, do not rush to immediately rush into extremes. If you attacked my wife with interrogations and threats, most likely, nothing good will come of it. Or will she continue to lie, or collect the suitcase and go to her lover.
For starters, understand yourself and decide whether you want to continue to live with this woman. Try to find the true cause of these changes. Think about what you did wrong. You need to find out what was missing your woman and why she decided to commit adultery. If you want to establish a relationship with his wife and put an end to her relationship with her lover, do it gradually and discreetly. It is not necessary to open all the cards and talk about what you know.
Surround your wife with attention and care that she needs. Offer her a joint vacation somewhere far away, in a cozy place in which it will forget about its relationship with another man. Understand, if you can give my wife everything she needs emotionally, going to her side just will not need and desire. Become a romantic again. You can also invite your beloved to visits, as it did once upon a time, again start to care for her, as in her youth, to buy gifts and make surprises. Women appreciate the care and warmth and is ready to reciprocate.
If your feelings are hurt too much and you just don't find the reasons why your woman took the other man, you can tell her what you know about betrayal. If you have always been an exemplary family man, walked to the side and carried his wife on his hands, but she started to get change, you can safely file for divorce. Most likely, the woman you just do not like and never liked, or she would appreciate your actions and attention and would not have dared to commit such a low and despicable act.
Always remember that women change their husbands, only in two cases: from despair or from dislike.
In the first case - it's all your fault, so you can decide whether you want to save the relationship. In the second case, there is no right and there is no blame, just for this woman, sooner or later the time will come to leave, so it will be better to make this decisive step as soon as you found out that the wife is unfaithful, not loving. So you will have more chance to walk away with your head held high and find your true soul mate in this world.