Remember that there is no genetic predisposition to manic no. Person doing abnormal circumstances, lifestyle, education. So, if you know well the life of a man, then, after analyzing it, you will be able to tell, is he manic or not.
In society there are people with a strong nervous system, and weak. But even very weak "weak-willed" people can become maniacs only after experiencing a very strong stress. Such people infest in response to the innocuous cue. If this is in your environment, then help him morally as possible, do not give offense to the whole world and start to take revenge.
With a stranger, watch out. This applies above all to the ladies. Surprisingly, but fact: among the maniacs there are almost no women. Even if caught, they are not quite women. That transsexual. To obtain sadistic pleasure from violence is the destiny of men.
If you notice that you closely and carefully someone is watching, then perhaps you drew the attention of the maniac. He is purposeful and focused. But keep your eyes. Reply: look directly at him firmly and movingly. Maniac doesn't like it when you look him in the face and will likely stop the hunt, feeling your confidence.
If you meet in a public place - look at the man. It can be very nice and pleasant. But some expressions of it anyway give. Over the singling out of words inherent in maniacs, worked a whole group of scientists. Many profound APB, and sighs, lowing; the lack of emotions, colorful and vivid descriptions (only chains of cause and effect); the conversation mostly about basic needs – to eat, drink, buy; it's about everything, even about the present, only in the past tense.
When meeting in the Internet not in a hurry to rush out. Communicate, ask questions, share experiences. But if I doubted anything then, cancel the meeting. And make sure to talk with a person at least via Skype. His manner of speaking and appearance will tell you more than a thousand written messages. After all, in the nineteenth century, Lombroso, prison doctor attempted to describe the characteristic signs of manic in appearance. He noted the unusualness of the auricles, the skewness of the forehead, roughness of wrinkles on face, wavy hair. Although these observations are very relative, but makes sense to listen to your own intuition. History knows cases when such psychopaths were charming, charismatic, conquered the hearts of others.
Sexual predators are insinuating, peaceful and quiet. But the slightest false move from you and he is unpredictable. It is better not to irritate, and to agree to calm down. And try to leave.
Carefully draw round your friends and do not trust strangers. This is the best way to minimize the probability of meeting with the maniac.