Be attentive to the environment. If the thief is close to you person or people with whom you frequently communicate, he will definitely give yourself away. There is one important thing about thiefx – "the thief and the cap burns". It really is impossible to hide ourselves indefinitely. Therefore, care and attention once again – notice the suspicious things in the behavior, check their guesses and draw conclusions about who is trustworthy and who may be a dishonest person.
Put surveillance cameras. This step is important if you want to catch the thief in the enterprise, the firm or some place that is not your home. If the incident of theft has occurred, you will be able to view the film and find out who is to blame. Why not take the money and spend them on important work – catching the dishonest employee.
Get a huge dog if you live in a private house and are afraid for their property. Correctly trained pet in the case of penetration of foreign people in your area will be able to detain them prior to your arrival or the arrival of the police.
Put an alarm on the apartment. Leaving you to turn it on and if in an apartment someone will climb, it will come security and check who would illegally enter your home. If the apartment is really someone will, it will, of course, caught red-handed and will be responsible for your parents before the court.
Contact the police if your item has already been stolen. There you will write an application and leave your details. In case your thing there's somewhere in the sale, it will be easy to find who it was sold, and therefore the person who stole. Therefore, despite the modern skepticism towards the law enforcement, don't neglect to entrust the issue to those who know about such things a lot more.