Before configuring auto & all settings on the head unit set to zero. If the design of the amplifier provides a total gain of the components that install on the amplifier filter of the subwoofer channel in low pass position. The value of the cutoff frequency of the crossover set in the range of 50-70 Hz. Filter front channel on the amp set to high pass. The cutoff frequency of the crossover set in the range of 70-90 Hz.
If the design of the amplifier provides the gain of each channel of front speakers, spend a separate setup speakers. For this purpose, the high pass filter set at the appropriate position (for high frequencies) and set the cutoff frequency of the crossover in the area of 2500 Hz.
Adjust the amplifier sensitivity. For this reset to zero the sensitivity of the amplifier to the head unit power mode maximum playback volume. Then start to increase the sensitivity of the amplifier. At the time of occurrence of distortion of the sound, stop turning the knob and slightly lower sensitivity.
Check the sound quality. If you turn the audio system the subwoofer audible clicks and crackle in the speakers – so there is interference with the signal. Check the gasket all the wires of the music system and, if necessary, will route them elsewhere.
The bass should not be tied to the subwoofer. In other words should not have the feeling that they emanate from the rear of the cabin. To remove this effect, connect the subwoofer out of phase to the amplifier. To do this, turn the phase switch on the subwoofer by 180 degrees. If such a regulator is not, switch the positive and negative wire connections from the subwoofer.
Adjust the sound processor, if it is built into the head unit or separated. To do this, adjust the time delays for each channel of the amplifier. Set delay time left channel to the sound from the left speaker arrives at the driver simultaneously with the sound from the right speaker. When properly configured, has created a sense that the sound is coming from the Central part of the cabin.
Additionally, the sound processor can de-link the bass to the rear (see item 5). For this purpose, in contrast to the recommendations in paragraph 6, set the same delay left and right channels of the front speakers. Localization of bass in the center of the subwoofer to be eliminated.