Form a cap of request to the court. Any document must have information about who sent a statement from anyone listed in the upper right part of the page before the main text. In case the court must indicate the name and address of the institution.
Next, write the word "applicant" and include your name, address and telephone number. If you write a claim, it is the bottom one indicates the same information about the defendant. If one of the parties is a legal entity, that identifies the main details of the company.
Make a statement of claim. Usually it is free-form. It is desirable to conform to the norms established by the legislation. Write in the center of the document under the email "statement" without dot at the end. Start the description of events in chronological order.
The situation should be described in sufficient detail so that the court has not had the feeling of incompleteness or incompleteness of information. Each new event describe a paragraph. All information should have a logical sequence. Do not have to use references to specific laws in the statement.
Specify the list of documents attached to the claim. Mark the date and signature. If the latest details a request to the court will not be even considered. Pay the state fee and submit a petition to the court. As a rule, the judge shall consider and adopt to the production of incoming claims within five working days.
Check out the operative part of the solution at the end of the judicial session. After that wait for transmission by a judge of a final decision in a judicial office. This document will take effect within 10 days after it is written. This time, given the defendant or the plaintiff to appeal to the court of appeal decision.
Write your request on the receipt of the decision of the court. For this you need to contact the office or send an email to the court. In the first case you will be given a request form, which is sufficient to indicate their passport data and to the decision of the court. In the second case, the statement is made in any form with the obligatory indication of the requisites of judicial decisions and by a certified copy of the passport or other identity document.