You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • glue.
Download and install Speed Fan. Run this app and see readings of the temperature sensors. Try to increase the speed of rotation of the fan blades. If this doesn't help enough to reduce the temperature of the video card, then proceed to the replacement of the cooler.
Select the appropriate fan. Ideally it is better to use the device from the same model of video card. If this is not possible, then try to find a similar cooler. Disassemble the system unit and remove the card after turning off the computer. Be sure to disconnect the system unit from the AC mains.
Visually examine the method of attachment of the cooler to the graphics card. Think, is it possible to use a fan with a different type of attachment. Sometimes you can just stick the cooler to the radiator for cooling. Find out the type of connector for power connection. In advance, locate the ports on the motherboard with a different number of channels. The fan can be connected to a video card, and motherboard.
Get any cooler. Connect it to the graphics card or stick to the grille. Make sure that the new cooler will not block the important slots of the motherboard. If you chose the second method mounts, then wait until the glue is completely dry. Install the VGA card in the system unit. Connect the power to the fan or the motherboard.
Turn on the computer and make sure that the blades rotate stably. Run SpeedFan after booting the operating system. Configure the settings of the new fan. Achieve ideal balance between efficiency and energy consumption. If you can't do it yourself, then check the option "Autoscroll fans". Minimize the program, but do not close it.