First clean the cooler. Unplug the computer from power and open the system unit. Remove the card, pre-disconnect from it a cable. Do not damage the latch, preventing accidental deactivation of the device.

Clean the fan blades. It is better to use moistened with alcohol cotton Bud. Make sure that the cooler spins freely. Install the graphics card into the slot and turn on the computer.

Download and install Speed Fan. Launch this app and wait until the analysis is complete, devices. Open the menu view Readings and the readings of temperature sensors. Look at the bottom of the working window row relating to the video card cooler. Increase the speed of rotation of the blades. To do this, type the number 100 in the designated field.

Wait for the installation of stable temperature of the video card. Remember that the temperature of the video card in passive mode should not exceed 55 degrees.

If the equipment still overheats, replace the thermal grease between the heat sink and the microcontroller of the adapter. To do this, disassemble the housing of the graphics card. Remove the heatsink and wipe the old paste. Apply some new thermal paste to the heatsink and install it back. Wait a while, allowing the pasta evenly distributed.

Install additional fan inside the system unit. Point it so that it is blowing on the video card. An ideal place for the location of such cooler – back wall of the system unit. Naturally, the fan should be powerful enough. Place it directly under the video card. This will ensure a steady stream of cool air.