You will need
  • Computer, cooler required size, the basic skills of building a computer
First you need to determine where and what the fans should be set. To do this, remove the housing cover and inspect it for holes for ventilation. Most often, they are located on the front and rear body panels. Measure the distance between two adjacent mounting holes of the cooler (they are "square", need to measure it. With the measurement go to the store and buy the right fan.
Please note if the motherboard free three-pin connector for fan connection. Where it is possible to learn from the instruction to the motherboard, the diagram it is usually called "System Fan". Depending on the Board model, these connectors can be from one to five. If free connector no need to buy a fan with a direct connection to the power supply or with a suitable adapter.
On the side of the cooler there is a marking indicating the direction of rotation of the blades and air flow. On the front panel coolers set to "on blowing", and on the back - "on blowing". Attach the cooler to its place inside the case and secure with screws-the screws that it comes with. Sometimes instead of screws includes silicone "pins" with them the procedure for consolidation is even easier, and they prevent the transmission of vibration from the cooler to the hull.
Connect the cooler cable to the power connector (on the motherboard or directly to PSU). Turn on your computer and check whether a new rotate coolers, and if so, in what direction. To do this, put to them a thin strip of paper, you should not go into running the fan with your fingers. Gently close and lock the housing cover.