The easiest way to reduce the temperature of the video card and CPU to clean your computer of dirt and dust. You need to remove the housing cover and gently brush with a long elastic pile to sweep the dust. Main deposits of dust is the fan blades, radiator fins and the bottom of the system unit. After cleaning you must remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner. To further protect the system unit you can install a filter that will not allow dust to get inside. Cleaning should be carried out at least once a year. This will allow you to cool the video card by 15-20 degrees.
A great way to reduce the temperature of the graphics card is a replacement cooler for a more powerful. However, he must meet several criteria - the radiator should be copper, the speed of rotation of the blades is sufficient for cooling and the noise level is not too high. An important parameter is also the size of the cooler that is too large may not fit in the system unit or to block a few slots. The temperature of the video card after installing a new chiller to drop another 20 degrees.
Lowering the temperature by 10 degrees can be achieved by replacing the thermal paste. Thermal paste is a substance with high conductivity, usually white or gray. When you select it must be remembered that thermal compound must be resistant to high temperatures, possess flame retardant, have hydrophobic properties and be safe.
To put it in the cover of the core of the graphics card. Drawing on the lid of the processor will further cool the CPU and its internal structure.