Advice 1: How to change the thermal paste on the graphics card

Most people can't imagine life without a computer. It performs the role of an assistant in the work, means to communicate with family and friends. However, the computer tends to break down. An example is the sudden excessive overheating. This phenomenon is usually caused by deterioration of thermal paste. What should I do? Carry in service is not quite good option, because the service is not the cheapest and not have to wait more than one day. It is best to carry out this simple procedure yourself.
Thermal grease in the syringe
You will need
  • A tube of thermal paste, a plastic screwdriver, cloth, screwdriver set.
Go to your nearest computer store and get there new thermal paste. It is better to visit the website of the manufacturer of your computer, what thermal grease is used during Assembly, and to buy the same. Also go to the forum computer users of your brand. There you can find information about what kind of pasta it is best to use. Note that the choice of toothpaste is also an important factor, as it is the link between the microprocessor and the heat sink, that is, the quality of the pasta will depend on the level of cooling your system.
Prepare the surface on which you will carry out the replacement of thermal paste. It is best to lay a soft cloth. The principle of substitution is the same for desktop computer and laptop. Read the manual for your unit. Find all the clips that need to be open to disconnect the radiator and the fan from the microprocessor. First, remove the fan which is usually attached with small screws. After this you need to open all the latches and disconnect the radiator directly. Be extremely careful and try not to damage the plastic clips.
Now rotate and lift the mount microprocessor. Remove the microprocessor. Carefully clean the microprocessor and heatsink of the old paste. Do it best with a paper towel or dry cloth. Carefully remove all traces of old paste.
Now take a plastic screwdriver and apply a new layer of thermal paste. You can also use a special spatula, which usually comes with a tube of toothpaste. Evenly apply a layer of paste on the microprocessor of a thickness not exceeding 0,3 mm. Note. the layer should not be too thick and when you press the paste must not protrude on the edges. Assemble everything in reverse order and test the operation of the system. It is best to install tool, with which you will be able to monitor the temperature of your computer.
Useful advice
Be careful that the old thermal grease was completely removed.

Advice 2 : How to change thermal paste of CPU

If the computer is already not one year constantly working, thermal paste on the CPU may require replacement. How to change your hands and whether to do it?
How to change thermal paste of CPU?

If thermal grease on the processor of the computer from time to time, "petrified" if it is not struck when building a PC, the computer may overheat and it shut off. In such a situation will have to change the thermal paste. But can it be done with your own hands or entrust this operation to a specialist?

To change the thermal paste on the processor of the computer, you should remove the cooler (fan) from the CPU, clean the CPU surface from traces of old thermal paste and apply new. Use for applying in the processor a small drop of thermal paste, evenly distributing it over the surface of the processor (the processor with the motherboard to remove is not necessary).


1. It is not necessary to apply a thick layer of thermal paste!

2. Apply thermal grease only on the CPU, which will be in direct contact with the radiator of the cooling system.

3. For the distribution of the thermal paste you should not use cotton swabs. Better take a plastic spatula.

4. For "lubrication" of the CPU should only use a special thermal paste, which can be purchased in computer stores. Any other substances could crash the computer!

Any user should know that there are different models of socket connectors for the CPU on the motherboard), including such coolers which are installed at the beginning of the Assembly of the computer. That is, if you remove the cooler from the motherboard, re-installing, will have to pull out the motherboard from the case (and this will need to remove all devices from the motherboard, disconnect it from power supply, remove the connectors going from the buttons and ports located on the case). For such models of sockets we can safely recommend not to twist the cooler with the CPU alone, because not knowing the intricacies of the connections on the motherboard to various devices, it is possible to make these connections incorrectly, that is, to cause damage. Examples of such sockets: 775, 1155, 1150, 1156, 1366.

But there are sockets, installation of the cooler which does not involve complete disassembly of the computer, thus changing thermal paste will not be very difficult. Examples of such socket: 478, 754, 939, 940, AM2, AM3, FM1. On the side of the cooler installed in such sockets, the latches are clearly visible, clicking on which releases the latch of the cooler and system ogladania very easily from the processor.

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