You will need
  • - incorporation documents
  • - regulation on the opening of a separate subdivision
Determine which type of a separate division you open the branch, representation or simply an independent separate unit. If you open a branch, it is necessary to amend the Charter of the enterprise, and then approve the regulations on the branch and give the branch a belongings. When you open the mission, otherwise, geographically separated unit, it is necessary to identify its opening in the constituent documents and to make the position on the basis of which will continue its activities. If you open a separate unit, which is neither a branch nor a representative office, the establishment of its structure and specificity of activity in the future is regulated only by the order Manager. Once you have decided on the type of separate unit, which must be open, accept the decision and indicate its discovery is documented.
Approve the provision on the establishment of a separate division. In this position, you must indicate its name, ownership, rights and responsibilities. Then make your changes in the constituent documents of the main legal entity of which a separate unit. Then assign the head of a separate division, and define its powers.
Notify the tax office about the establishment of a unit. Please note that you must notify the tax office you are registered in your main office for its location. To conduct this procedure, you play a month from the date of opening of a separate division.
Register a separate subdivision. It is important to remember that registration of a separate division is the inspection that applies to the unit. If the unit is opened in another city or region, the tax on independently sends data about its registration from its main office to the Inspectorate at the location of separate subdivision.