You will need
  • - passport of the owner of the vehicle.
  • - application on registration of the car on accounting in traffic police;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale;
  • - insurance policy for a period from six months to a year (mandatory);
  • - the vehicle passport (PTS);
  • certificate of registration of the vehicle if it is not removed from the register (STS);
  • - transit license plates (if any).
Complete the statement about setting your car on accounting in traffic police. You can fill it in a pattern or print on the computer. Don't forget to put a statement under your signature and the date. Attach to the application your passport, which indicates the place of your permanent registration.
The package of documents necessary for setting the auto accounting, log the vehicle registration document (TCP). In the case when you have bought a new car, check that the title was a print seller and was filled with all the data about the owner of the vehicle. It should include your name, surname and patronymic, registration address and date of sale of the car.
In the case when you have bought a used car and he has already consisted on the account in traffic police, check below in the appropriate boxes title was printed confirming the putting on and removal of the vehicle from the register. If the purchase you were given the number of transit signs, they must pass.
The invoice statement to make now not required, so will be enough the agreement of purchase and sale, which is a document confirming your ownership of this car. Make sure that all data in the contract coincide with those listed in PTS. When buying a new vehicle will receive from the seller a copy of the cargo customs Declaration, the authenticity of which must be certified by the customs or the seller. Make sure that it correctly specified the number of units.
The validity of the insurance policy applied to the package of documents shall be 1 year. If the policy has less validity, it can only be used for the distillation of vehicles, it is a temporary document and statement on the account but this policy is not possible.
Don't forget to pay the state fee for the production of vehicle registration and apply it to the rest of the documents.