During the sale of the car, under the new law, was enough to sign, drawn up in three copies, the contract of purchase and sale (one is given to you, two to the buyer), then to insert yourself the new owner of the vehicle passport (PTS) and receive a specified amount.

If you do not decide independently on such an operation, the contract of purchase and sale can be issued in the notary's office, paying a certain amount.

Visit the registration authority to remove the vehicle from the register, the seller is not necessary. Make sure that the new owner of the car within a month, reissued it on yourself, so that later you don't have to pay for his taxes and possible penalties.

When making a car purchase the new owner with all documents on the car its previous owner and old registration plates for one month must register in MREO purchased the vehicle themselves.

For this we need the following documents: passport vehicle (TCP), the registration certificate, contract of sale, insurance motor insurance, passport and metal plates.

When you execute a purchase of the machine, you can leave her on her old number if: the buyer and seller live in the same region and rooms are in very good condition - no scuffs, dents, extra holes except as provided in the design.

The procedure of sale of the car is now does not provide for mandatory recording traffic police inspector the engine number of the car.

If the seller of the vehicle within one month does not receive a confirmation that the vehicle removed from registration, you need to contact the traffic police with a written statement. Then the person who will drive this car will be the offender.