You will need
  • Software Microsoft Office Word.
Most often the problem is the button is pressed, the display of such signs. Try to click this button which is located on the standard toolbar. If the editor does not show the panel, add them by clicking the top menu "View" in the opened list select "toolbars" and click "Standard".
In the added panel, find the icon "show / hide formatting marks" and click it. If your computer monitor has a diagonal of at least 17 inches, most likely, the icon just didn't fit in the tab bar. At the end of the panel, find the arrow icon and tap him on the opened tab will display all of the elements that did not fit on the panel.
If paragraph marks are not gone, you can delete them manually or by using the search fragment. For manual removal it is enough to put the cursor over the unwanted mark and press Backspace, or before him, but at the same time press the Delete key.
To automatically remove all the unwanted characters, press Ctrl + F. you will see a small search box of the fragment. Go to the tab "Replace" and enter in the first box paste the copied clip that you want to delete, and leave the second field empty. Press the Enter key. After completion of the removal operation on the screen a window will appear with the results of the performed actions.
Unnecessary symbols can be removed with the help of special keyboard shortcuts. Highlight a piece of text or characters, press Ctrl + X. Thus, you can cut unwanted parts that occur in the text.
Unnecessary parts of the text can be cut, and need to copy and neobhodimosti paste into another blank file. For example, after the selection, just press Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert. Insert text using keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + V and Shift + Insert.