In Word, there are several ways transfer. The default mode is enabled the transfer ofa word entirely. If between the previous word and the right margin of the document to fit the specified number of characters, a new word is shifted to the next row, the program does not split it in syllables mark the transfer.
If this mode is not suitable, you can use one of the editor features: automatic or manual insertion of the transfers in the document. Open the Word document, click on the tab "page Layout" and find the block tools "page Options".
Click the arrow next to the item "Balance transferov". In the context menu, select the appropriate option by clicking on it with the left mouse button. In "Auto" mode in the document or in selected text fragment will check the words and signs the transferand will automatically be placed in areas where it is needed. If in the future you edit the text, and the length of the strings will change, signs the transferand will be placed by the editor again in accordance with the rules of the chosen language.
In manual placement , the transferagents will be the checked text, the editor will determine where in the document you can move the word, and will offer you in a separate dialog box to select your transferand. For example, the program will highlight the word "Cloud". In the dialog box will be split in syllables: Ob-La-da. Highlight with the mouse cursor sign the transferand place that suits you, and click "Yes".
To cancel the breakdown of the word by syllables on the tab "page Layout" in the same block "page setup" menu, select "Balance transferov" item No. In order to set the width of the zone transferand words, click the same menu item "Settings placement transfers" and enter in the window that appears suitable values.