You will need
  • - door leaf;
  • the mechanism of interior doors;
  • - guide profile;
  • - a square wooden beam of cross section of 50 mm;
  • - screws for wood;
  • - anchor;
  • - finishing nails;
  • - frames;
  • - special fittings for sliding doors;
  • roulette;
  • - hammer;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - building level.
Remove the old door, remove the door hinges, remove the cashing on both sides. If necessary, remove the old door frame. Align the wall, zashpaklyuyte cracks and crevices.
Cut in the bottom edge of the door panel with a chisel groove. Attach the bottom U-shaped rail and secure it. Inside it will move the guide rollers. Insert them in the bottom bar.
Install the door panel on the bottom rail, attaching it to the rollers. To do this, insert the door into the slots located at the base of the rollers. Have an assistant hold her.
Determine the position of the door leaf place the upper rail on the wall above the opening. Set the door aside and mark a place under the top rail.
Fasten a metal bar on a wooden beam. Attach the bar rail to the upper end of the door by means of bolts. Check the tilt of the building level. The timber should be positioned horizontally so that the doors could not open or close spontaneously.
Install the door leaf with tilting top. Insert the top rollers into the guide rails. Slightly lift the door and slide her bottom on the bottom rail, setting it on the bottom rollers.
Fasten the limiters of the movement to the compartment door flew beyond the guide plates. Attach the door handle. Close the upper guide decorative panel (trim). Attach it to a wooden beam with screws or finishing nails. Mask the panel or trim with decorative buttons.
Open and close several times the compartment door after installing, checking thus the softness and smoothness and its fixation.