You will need
  • male power, Archimedes lever (chisel, large screwdriver).
If the mirrors on your wardrobe is old and has lost its initially attractive, do not hurry to throw out the whole wardrobe. This situation is quite adequate output, namely, to detach the old mirror and put in their place new ones. So, at first, remove all doors that have mirrors.
How to peel <strong>mirror</strong>
Brute male force to try to unstick the mirror. To do this, insert under the edge of the mirror, which is located above the door, any Archimedes lever and push against it.
If the mirror starts to crack, do not worry - you still decided to replace him. You can also wrap the mirror with some kind of bag, and then neatly his crush. Another option is to glue before working the entire surface of the mirror with tape. Do everything very carefully, otherwise you risk injury from glass splinters. Better if it will take the person who already has similar experience with mirrors.
Once the mirror is removed, the place where it was, must be cleaned from liquid nails. This can be done with a knife blade, and the remains of wash solvent or scrub. You can then glue the new mirror. This procedure is much is much easier.