You will need
  • - Allen key 4 mm;
  • pencil;
  • - flat-head screwdriver.
Dip one of the corners of the door, for example, the left. Use the hex key counter-clockwise twist of the bottom screw. Your Cabinet door will fall. Adjust the door so that the gap in the position of the left roller was 4-5 mm.
Adjust the right roller in the same way as the left. Lift the corner of the doorby twisting it clockwise with the key adjusting screw. Get the perfect position of a door of your closet-compartment, for this, adjust the position of the canvas so that the gap was 4-5 mm and the door of the compartment to the sidewall fit very tightly.
Adjust the stoppers. To do this, push the door of your wardrobe-a compartment to the side panel and put at risk the pencil in the area where the center roller is on the bottom rail. The door slide to the side. Slide the stopper with the flat screwdriver so that the marked line coincides the center. Check the door: close it and see if the door hit the stopper wheel, and clung to the sidewall, everything was done correctly.
If when checking the door of the wardrobe-compartment formed with a side clearance, slide closer to the sidewall of the stopper. If not, the stopper does not reach, then move, but just a little bit, stopper back.