So, one of the reasons may not open the hood, is the breaking of the spring. It is easiest to solve this problem with a partner. Sit in the interior of the car and pull the lever to open the hood up until it stops and hold it. Your partner will charge in parallel with your movements to put pressure on the hood in place it locks into place. After a couple of minutes of such efforts, the hood will open.
If the option with a partner is impossible due to its absence, try to exercise another option. Pull to the maximum the lever to open the hood and fix its position with the help of improvised means. Use the blade, cut a stick or tube about 20 cm in length, which insert between the left footrest and lever. After that it is necessary to carry out the most unpleasant part: the ride "Gazelle" in the adverse to drive roads: the rural roads, the pavement or tram tracks (do not overdo it). In the process, drive the hood will open itself.
In addition, there are several reasons for the occurrence of this problem: the deterioration of the springs or weakening of the cable. The solution is possible, respectively, by two methods. If the problem is in the cable, tighten it to make tighter. If, in your opinion, a problem in the spring, remove the spring inside the pin for 1-2 turns. In the first option you will have to work harder, because to reach the rope sometimes it is almost impossible. Remember that the outer casing is located near the battery, so loosen or Unscrew bolts of fastening of a clip, pull the shirt to the desired distance and clamp the mount back. Remember, however, that such repairs will help you in solving the problem for 5-6 months. After that, it's still recommended to replace the cable to avoid it completely open.
"Gazelle" is a car that requires constant care, so often check the condition of all internal parts in order to prevent these problems.