Find the lever with the symbol of the dispensers, if the owner of the car of foreign manufacture. In them the most popular is this method of discovery. If you have a car with the left wheel, it is located on the left side of the driver's seat in the doorway. Cars with the right wheel you can find is similar, only on the right side.
Pull the lever up and wait for the lye, after which cover your gas tank will open. Then you can go to the direct fueling of your car. And in order to close the hatch after filling your car with fuel, you will need to press down hard on the hatch, with tightly pressed him to the body.
Please note, in some cases, the cars can produce opening of the fuel tank when the corresponding button. It can be located in various places of the interior of the car. Often, of course, is the driver's door or the instrument panel. It also marked the image of the dispensers.
To produce the opening of the fuel tank, you only need gently click on it. Also, in some cars of foreign production and all the machinery of domestic brands tank lid only opens manually. In very rare cases, the hatch of the tank like on a normal cap and screw neck. Usually they can be found only on sports cars. Such cover is very easy to remove and close. Most importantly, make sure after refueling it was tightly twisted.
Pull, if your gas tank is a mechanical opening. It is possible to undertake the deepening of her. Also note that during the stop of his car at a gas station that petrol hatch may be located on either side of the vehicle body. And don't forget after refueling his "iron horse" tighten fuel filler, and as tightly as possible to close the lid of the tank.