To correctly and accurately paint the dress, you need to determine from what fabric it is sewn. If this information is not on the tag sewn on the inside, then pull across and along the joint a small thread. Ignite it, if the thread burns smoothly and quickly, and the fire bright with an unpleasant smell of burning paper, leaving behind ash, this dress is made of fabrics of plant origin, that is, cotton or linen or viscose silk. Quickly burn and acetate, but at the end of the thread is formed a dark ball. Wool and silk burn is bad, while there is the smell of burning feathers.
Buy fabric dye at any specialty store. Powder to pour from a bag into a container and dissolve in the quantities of water specified in the instructions. Then heat, stirring the paint, adding 3 tablespoons of salt, put there to dress and to interfere with long object. You can do it with a stick. To boil the dress in the dye has at least an hour on low heat. After that, fire off, but the dress is removed only when the water becomes cold. That is, it should be located there for a few hours.
With the right painting solution gradually becomes colorless. Rinse the dress should be first in cold water then in warm water until until the water is clear. After rinsing the dress is washed with a small amount of powder. Dry the dress after painting should be hanging on a hanger. Use clothespins not necessary, as may appear in the clamping spot.
When painting light clothes salt put 1 tablespoon, water is better not to boil, and simmer over low heat, the temperature was above 90 degrees. Artificial silk dyeing needs more carefully, the solution is to heat up only to 30 degrees, and the painting carried out at 60 degrees. That is, the temperature of the water, you can try hand. But when this salt is generally not necessary.