Sometimes jeans you want to wear out not under the pressure of fashion, but simply in order to equalize the color on some parts. For example, you spanking pocket: underneath the fabric color is more dark, especially if you wear jeans for a long time.

So, in order to wear out the jeans, wash them in very hot water. Powder use to a minimum: only in order to wash off dirt. But how should RUB your jeans on a washboard, and then chat them in the water. Actively use a stiff brush where necessary to level the color. With this method, you will make your jeans twice lighter. Naturally, they will look older.

More radical and also very effective method is to boil jeans. Don't forget to add some washing powder. Just keep in mind that after boiling the jeans can be seated. However, stretch them at home will not be easy.

To make old jeans look with holes made by artificial means in different places. Definitely rastrapati holes on the sides, taking out the threads. You can crop jeans on the bottom and release fringe: this will create a great distressed look.

Worn jeans will add a stylish look and at the same time is old to them. Take sandpaper coarse sanding, pumice or brick. Carefully RUB the jeans bends, folds, pockets, seams. You can accomplish this by wearing jeans for yourself.

Fading also can be accomplished using a box cutter or blade. Lay the jeans on a flat surface and slightly trim the seams, edges and pockets of jeans. After you apply to these places bleach diluted in hot water and wash jeans. After drying, they become battered and old.

If you want to dye jeans, suitable solution of potassium permanganate, strong coffee or tea. Enough to leave the jeans in hot water with these substances for half an hour. You can soak the pants and in some crusade solution. If the desired effect of old jeans, do not worry about the uniformity of dyeing.

Wear out jeans so will bleach. Of course, use it in reasonable quantities. With this chemical action, you can make jeans a few shades lighter. Then they will automatically look older. If not bleach, use detergent, intended for washing white things.