Will buy in any store in your city or order online dye clothing black in color. See below tube enough for painting. For example, a skirt will take 300 g of paint, and on jeans - 600 g, but it is best to buy a stock. Typically producers of paints for things produce bottles with capacity from 500 to 750 g.
Thoroughly check your item for painting. It should be without stains or other chemical or mechanical damage. In any case, it can pre-wash, just do not use the conditioner.
Now turn the thing inside out, put it unfolded into the washing machine, and on top spread the paint. Then, set the desired temperature (look on the label). The clothes should be washed at a temperature of 30 degrees, usually successfully dyed at the same temperature. At the same time products which can be washed at a temperature of 40-95 degrees, the paint should be at a temperature not above 40 degrees. Now select the mode best suited for clothing that does not require special care, and start to erase all the cycles rinse and spin.
Then, to avoid further shedding again wash colored clothes in the washing machine at a maximum temperature allowable for this stuff (look on the label) and using this time washing powder.