The size of the thyroid gland in normal condition, men equal to 25 ml, and women have approximately 18 ml. When there are diseases of the thyroid gland , its volume increases. It begins to produce excessive amounts of hormones that accelerate the metabolic processes in the body. At the same time releases massive amounts of energy, which fails to reach the tissues and organs, and is released as heat. As a result of these processes there is a failure in the functioning of the body.
First of all, the increase in thyroid cancer detect in physical examination of the patient, by palpation. After examination, the doctor makes diagnosis and prescribes additional examinations. The information obtained by palpation is quite subjective.
The most objective and informative methods of assessment of the thyroid gland are: ultrasound diagnostics (ultrasound), computed tomography, radionuclide scanning, and biopsy. These studies provide clear data about the shape and size of the thyroid gland, its consistency, the presence (absence) of knotty formations in it and other important characteristics necessary for accurate diagnosis.
In addition, the patient observed: increased nervousness and irritability, weakness, sleep disturbance, palpitations, recurrent pain in the heart area. Often there is a feeling of fear and anxiety. Suffering and intimate life of the patient as there is a disorder in the gonads.
Of course, self diagnosis is not worth it. You need to see a specialist (internist, endocrinologist, oncologist). Only a doctor can make a proper diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.