Test sugar curve is held at the end of the second trimester of pregnancy to identify the presence or absence of glucose tolerance. The test is administered to all expectant mothers a woman takes it only if the doctor suspects a latent diabetes or any violations of metabolic processes.

To test showed correct results, you must carefully observe the rules of preparation for the tests. For 6-8 hours prior to blood sampling is necessary to refrain from any food. The day before the test should limit the use of foods rich in simple carbohydrates (sugar, sweet fruit, pastry).

It is necessary to abandon soft drinks and coffee, as caffeine affects the level of glucose in the blood. Also very important to avoid stressful situations before the test. Fear, excitement, nervous and physical strain can all affect the results of the analysis. Per day blood need to relax and keep calm as possible.

If the patient is using hormonal drugs (estrogen, corticosteroids and others), you must notify the doctor. Drugs containing hormones affect glucose levels and can alter the test results.

Before the test can determine the level of glucose in the blood without load. For this the patient on an empty stomach take blood from the finger, followed by rapid analysis. If the rate of glucose is exceeded, the test may not be possible. In this case, the patient should follow the doctor's recommendations for lowering the level of glucose in the blood, and then re-appear for tests after 7-10 days.

If the indicators are within normal limits, held the first test without the sugar load. The patient take blood from a vein, followed by a specially prepared sweet drink liquid – 100 ml glucose solution. The solution is to drink completely.

An hour after reception of glucose being re test with a load. To ensure that the results were correct, within the hour you should not overwork and to perform active physical activities, eat, drink, medications, tea and coffee. After repeated blood sampling from a vein the patient is still a one hour break. An hour later, the third blood sampling.

Glucose tolerance test is safe, does not cause discomfort and painful sensations. The test day is best to get rid of any proceedings, since all the sample is at least three hours. The test result decrypts the attending physician.