You will need
  • - the direction of a physician;
  • - syrup or glucose tablets.
If you are constantly or periodically feel the dry mouth, increased thirst, weakness, often suffer from colds or have problems with the skin, then you need to go to therapist and get tested for diabetes. Accurate diagnosis of diabetes is the blood sugar level, which is leased on an empty stomach and with subsequent so-called "load", consisting in reception of glucose or sugar syrup with the subsequent repeated analysis.
The doctor will provide a prescription to the laboratory for analysis of blood sugar levels. Come for a blood test early in the morning, strictly on an empty stomach. Do not eat before the analysis of tea, coffee, juices, fruit drinks. Possibly even exclude the use of water.
On the eve of the analysis follow the diet during the day. Exclude from the diet of fatty, fried foods, sweet drinks, fruit, do not drink alcoholic beverages and do not smoke. This allows to obtain more reliable test results.
The first analysis you'll get from Vienna. Then, if the doctor has written out a direction on analyses with the load, you need to take 100 g of glucose tablets or syrup. After 1.5-2 hours after ingestion of glucose you take out a second analysis.
Normal indicators of a blood test with load is the sugar level to 7.8 mmol/L. If the results of the sugar level exceeds this amount, but not greater than 11.1 mmol/l – you make a diagnosis of pre-diabetes. A blood sugar level exceeding 11.1 mmol/l is diabetes.
And prediabetes and diabetes requires an adjustment of the sugar level, which is prescribed by a doctor-endocrinologist. You will prescribe medicines, re-examination, diet with counting calories and carbohydrates. In the presence of pre-diabetes and diabetes, the doctor will put you on outpatient records.
You must comply with all recommendations of the doctor to undergo re-examination and measure the sugar levels at home by using glucometer.