Hormones in the female body is not permanent, it is constantly changing under the pressure of many factors, ranging from the menstrual cycle to stress and hereditary diseases.

It's all in the hormones

What women have more than 60 types of hormones that are produced through the glands of the endocrine system. Glands are divided into 8 types, which include sex, parathyroid, pancreatic and other forms.
Often the instability of a hormonal background and is accompanied by a constantly changing mood, fatigue, insomnia, and irritability.

Checked for hormones to regularly, when and how to do it - will tell a watching you obstetrician. As a General rule, not pregnant women it is best to take the test during the period of the menstrual cycle or on the day when it ends, the blood samples taken from veins and always on an empty stomach.

The tests are different hormones depending on the purpose of the study. For example, women planning a pregnancy should be tested for progesterone, it is possible to find out whether the body to take the egg and keep the pregnancy.

Analysis of the hormone testosterone can be taken at any convenient for you day, if its performance will be "wild", you should be especially careful during the period of conception and gestation, as there would be a risk of miscarriage.

The acceptance tests for the hormone prolactin, necessary to take, having prepared, that is, in time of peace, lack of all sorts of stressors in life and during the first/second phase of the cycle. The balance of prolactin allows to reveal diseases such as infertility and underdevelopment of the female organs, that is, if its level is too high, you will automatically get into the risk group.
The hormone prolactin is responsible in the body's ability to absorb calcium, produce milk and contribute to the development of the mammary glands.

Simple rules

The types of hormones list is very long, but it is necessary to remember the basic rules concerning the time of delivery of such tests. First, testing is performed only on an empty stomach.

Second, 1 day before analysis to refrain from sexual intercourse and from physical activity. Thirdly, hand over analyses only in a calm state, any stress can distort the result of the analysis, moreover, be sure to inform the doctor, do you take hormonal pills because they contribute to the suppression of hormones in the body. If you follow these simple rules, you will get more than reliable tests and easily check the status of your hormonal levels.

Lactation hormones usually do not take on research as the dominant of course is only one view, which distorts the results of the tests. Hormones are leveled in a month after a woman stops breast feeding is the best time to test hormones after the birth.