Advice 1: What pills need to drink in early pregnancy

In the beginning of pregnancy, the doctor may prescribe vitamins and other necessary medications when indicated. In any case, the expert always takes into account the potential risk to the fetus.
pills that need to drink during pregnancy
After learning about the pregnancy, many women begin to rush into extremes: one is running to the pharmacy and buy all the "useful" drugs and medicines, while others refuse to accept even the most harmless vitamins. What pills you need to drink at the beginning of pregnancy?
If you are good enough and diverse feed, then you no need to buy special vitamins for pregnant women, it is reasonable to accept in the second and third trimesters. In early pregnancy you can drink only vitamin E and folic acid. Vitamin E is prescribed for the prevention of spontaneous abortion and for the proper development of the child. His second name "Tocopherol" is translated as "producing offspring". He takes part in the synthesis of most hormones in your body.
Folic acid is responsible for mental and physical development of the baby. The lack of this vitamin affects the health of women and its capacity for nurturing. It is proved that those women who took folic acid in early pregnancy are less likely to suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, depression, intoxication and disorders of the intestine. If you want to boost your immune system during viral infections to keep hair and nails healthy, drink folic acid.
In addition, your doctor may schedule you "Magne B6". Magnesium participates in many biochemical reactions in the body and is responsible for the transfer of genetic information, and most importantly, reduces the muscle tone of the uterus, skeletal muscles and other internal organs. Magnesium is known for its ability to relieve stress and to reduce the hyperexcitability of the nervous system. So you can safely take these pills early in the pregnancy.
In the first trimester you have a greatly increased requirement of iodine and it is more than you can fill using the drug "codomain". Iodine participates in the formation of thyroid hormones, which directly affect the proper brain development of the child. A deficiency of this element during early pregnancy may cause miscarriage, not less dreadful consequence of iodine deficiency is the development of the baby cretinism. Therefore, to refuse to accept these pills during early pregnancy is not worth it.
If you are threatened spontaneous abortion because of a lack of the hormone progesterone, your doctor may prescribe the medication "Vitrum" or "Utrozhestane". These products contain an analogue of the natural hormone progesterone and is completely safe for mother and fetus. In the future the doctor can prescribe you other medications and vitamins depending on the condition of your health and the health of the baby. In any case, the specialists always consider the potential risk to the fetus in the use of various medicines, so do not be afraid, it is better to rely on the opinion of the doctor, so you do not regret his inaction.

Advice 2 : How to drink vitamins for pregnant women

The increased requirement of vitamins in pregnant women is associated with intrauterine development of the fetus, the formation of which the necessary organic compounds, mineral salts, fatty acids and many other substances. Their intake must be daily and most of the expectant mother gets from food. But this is often not enough, so to avoid vitamin deficiency need to take additional vitamins for pregnant women.
How to drink vitamins for pregnant women
If pregnancy is planned in advance, start the intake of folic acid or vitamin B9. It is an organic compound necessary for the normal formation of the fetal brain, nervous and hematopoietic systems as well as for absorption of other vitamins. Moreover, vitamin B9 is required of the woman to preserve her health and ability to bear children before it was due. With the onset of pregnancy continue taking folic acid during the first 16 weeks and then the last two months. For optimal absorption, take it simultaneously with vitamin B12.
From the first days of pregnancy-start taking the special vitamins for pregnant women. Choose one drug from several: "Vitrum prenatal Forte", "Obscene", Pregnavit", "Elevit", "Complivit Mama", "Multi-tabs, perinatal". But don't take them throughout pregnancy. Be sure to take breaks, as any vitamins can accumulate in the body. A glut of them can cause toxic effects, which very adversely affect the fetus.
If required by the state or have a doctor's recommendation in between the courses, take vitamins separately. For example, during the first half of pregnancy useful vitamin E (not more than 2 months). You can also drink water soluble vitamins of group B. Some of them can be synthesized in the intestinal mucosa. But that this happened to maintain its normal functioning. Spend the prevention of constipation and stick to a healthy diet. Moreover, compliance with these requirements will help to assimilate and all the other vitamins.
In the second half of pregnancy significantly increases the need for calcium, iron and magnesium. So take them as separate medicines additionally, but not together and not as part of multivitamin complex. In spite of its balanced composition, the simultaneous intake of several vitamins and minerals slows the digestion of some of them. This is highly undesirable in periods when the need for those or other substances higher than usual.
For proper absorption of calcium, choose a combination with vitamins C and D in the composition. The drug also buy magnesium combined with vitamin B6. Be sure to take iron with vitamins B6 and B12.
Before purchasing a prenatal vitamin, carefully read the instructions for use, and even better consult your doctor.

Advice 3 : What vitamins to take in early pregnancy

Early pregnancy is the period when the foundations are laid for the baby's health. The lack of vitamins and minerals in the pregnant woman's body can cause problems with child development. If conception occurred in summer or autumn, vitamin deficiency expectant mother is not threatened, and at other times of the year the lack of nutrients need to be supplemented by taking a vitamin-mineral complexes.
What vitamins to take in early pregnancy

Folic acid in early pregnancy

Vitamin B9 also known as folic acid, is one of the most important substances in the early stages of pregnancy. The first few weeks after conception is the formation of the neural tube of the fetus, which determines the subsequent development of the child. A lack of folic acid leads to birth defects, e.g., spinal hernia or hypoplasia of the brain. This vitamin not only contributes to the proper formation of the fetus, but also improves the health of the pregnant woman.

It is advisable to take folic acid even before pregnancy, but if you weren't planning on conceiving, it can be done on the first day, he learned about their situation, and until the twelfth week. In day it is necessary to take four hundred micrograms of vitamin. Folic acid is sold in pharmacies in the form of tablets.

Vitamins it is desirable to support appropriate diet: folic acid is found in green vegetables, cauliflower, potatoes, beans, citrus fruit, milk.

Vitamins A and E

In the early stages of pregnancy is useful to take vitamin a, but the dose should not exceed 1300 micrograms. This ingredient supports cell division and differentiation in tissues and organs, it contributes to the development of the skeleton, nervous system and visual apparatus. But its overdose can lead to abnormal development of the child, to cause malformations of the heart and pathology of the nervous system, affect the appetite and health of the pregnant woman.

Vitamin E is involved in the production of female hormones before birth, increasing the likelihood of pregnancy but in early pregnancy it is also important, as is responsible for protection against miscarriage. Also with the help of this substance is formed in the placenta.

Vitamins A and E need to continue until the end of the first trimester.

Multivitamins for pregnant women

Pregnant women are much easier to take a good multivitamin complexes, which have all the necessary vitamins for a child's development in the early stages of pregnancy. In addition, for the formation of the fruit have sufficient quantity of minerals – iodine, calcium, iron. Thanks to these minerals and vitamins are well absorbed in the body. In multivitamins for pregnant women all these elements are contained in the right quantity. It is especially important to take vitamins, if a woman has a gynecological or other diseases, such as hyperbilirubinemia or cardenales.

Choosing a multivitamin preparation, please note that it was intended for the first trimester – in this case, it will be a sufficient amount of folic acid, dose of vitamin A is not exceeded. The most popular vitamins for pregnant women is "Abusive", "Elevit", "Pregnavit", "supradin", "Vitrum Prenatal".
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