A vital vitamin that affect the whole body, especially on the functional activity of the nervous, endocrine and reproductive systems is vitamin "E". It is often used for the solution of gynecological and urological problems. It contributes to the qualitative improvement of sperm and increases the possibility of women to get pregnant. It is therefore necessary whento take vitamin E when planning pregnancy as its deficiency when itleads to dysfunctions of the uterus, also characteristic whenthe signs of deficiency of vitamin E is usually not manifested, but when its deficit, destroys vitamin a, and there is a deficiency of both vitamins.
In addition to effects on reproductive function vitamin E:- Stabilizes the pressure.
- Helps to improve vision.
- Has a rejuvenating effect.
- Strengthens the heart, lung and nervous tissue.
- Strengthens the walls of capillaries and blood vessels.
- Prevents the development of tumors.
- Stimulates healing of the skin when its damaged.
- Stabilizes hormonal background.
- Participates in protein and carbohydrate exchanges, and promotes the assimilation of vitamins "A" and "D".
It is recommended, whento take vitamin E when planning pregnancy, especially if in the past was a spontaneous miscarriage or pregnancy does not occur at all. The planned pregnancy required dose of vitamin E is around 16 milligrams.
Much better result whensimultaneous is when youeat vitamin E with selenium and vitamin A or a combination drug. Vitamin E refers to a fat soluble vitamins and in large enough quantities whenabsent in vegetable oils.
It is resistant to heat treatment, but is rapidly destroyed when the fat rancidity and under the influence of sunlight. It is also found in almonds, margarine, peanuts, walnuts, butter, milk, eggs.
The planned pregnancy it is necessary predominance in the diet of foods with vitamin E and extra if youeat in the form of a preparation which is necessary whento take during a meal, in a dosage determined by a doctor. Preventive doses of vitamin E can whento take without a prescription.