Information about a particular person quite often appear on various Internet sites. If the user, for example, placed an ad or your resume, they could be saved, and you will be able to find a person fast, free and without registration. Some companies also post on their Internet sites information about employees, and educational institutions – data on students who applied. Sometimes housing companies publish lists of residents of a home. Thus, to find a person for free and without registration, just use the search engines or specialized urban sites.
People who are not very well own a computer or have serious intentions, can leave a request on the website of the popular TV show "Wait for me". On the official website of the program click on "apply". Give a little information about yourself, and then describe as precisely as possible of the person you are looking for. Agree on the shooting condition in the transmission as is necessary in order for the experts started to search. Follow the instructions. As a rule, goes in search of a certain time, so just wait until the editors of the program will contact you and inform about the results of the search.
Use alternative to the program "Wait for me" - a proven search databases, for example, or etc search leads other people on a voluntary conditions. The results can be almost instantaneous, or you will have to wait a while. At the same time guarantee the success of the request being made there.
Currently, a large number of people registered in social networks: the people of Russia and the CIS and the Western countries In any case, try to search on all popular social networks. First, still, I have to register, but it's worth it to get the desired result. Even if you can't find the page right person, you can try to apply for information to his friends or relatives.