You will need
  • Connecting to the Internet
The first way to find a person by name is to use the search engines. For this you need Internet and basic skills of work with him. So, go to any search engine and type in the name. Disadvantage of this method is that you get too many results, because people with one name very much. So if you don't want a few hours to review the found page, you must specify a search query and to add the name, and even better middle name. If the object of your search, use the Internet, it will be easy to find – in the captions to the photos, registration in social networks or forums.
The second method is search person by name in social networks. Now only the lazy, uncommunicative or secretive person holds an account in the "Classmates", "Vkontakte" or Facebook (the popular "My World", "circle of friends", "small World," etc.). Sign up on one or more portals and look for the right person there. To assist you in finding additional information – a name, a patronymic, age, intended place of residence.
The third way is for those who have really serious intentions. Leave a request on the website of the program "Wait for me". For this you need to register and log in to your personal account. In the menu at the top left, select "Place order". Complete information about yourself and about who you are looking for. Your application will be priority, if you agree to film the transfer (you need to tick the appropriate item). The application will be assigned a number and she will deal with the editors. Then, when you have new information on wanted person will contact you.
An alternative to the program "Wait for me" can become a search database, such as or After check in you can use the search by different parameters. If the search fails, you will be able to submit an application and a volunteer will help you wanted.