You will need
  • - computer,
  • - the Internet.
Look first on the Internet. If you are looking for an active person and modern, it is the easiest way to establish contact with him. Enter the name and well-known town in the search strings,, and other systems. Save all found links that you deem appropriate.
Go through each of them. Somewhere can be placed photos, which will give you additional information. Other pages will tell you how to contact your friend namesakes. Email or call them. Ask them to clarify their patronymic, not forgetting to explain why you need it. People are reluctant to share personal information, but can easily provide a service which costs them nothing. At least, you will weed out unsuitable candidates.
Repeat the query in the same search engines, but when typing in Latin. Young people can change the place of residence, including to go abroad. Get in contact with anyone who may be wanted.
Insert the last name and first name in a line of search in the most common social networks. As a rule, it will be necessary to register in Google+, Facebook, "Vkontakte" and "Classmates". If the number of namesakes was great, add in the search information. Write messages to all who came by your parameters with a story about your quest. And be patient, because people do not always visit social networks regularly.
Place ads on portals and sites of the city, where there is such a possibility. Describe your situation, ask for help from anyone who knows people with that name and patronymic. Don't forget to leave your contact information. The world is not without kind people, and you will begin to receive information. Check it whenever possible. It is likely that the search will be successful.
Use the help of television, Newspapers and websites, in search of people. Someone is providing these services free of charge, others work for a fee. Give them all the information you have, and your search will be accelerated.