Take advantage of social networks. Not that this is a very easy way to find the person, knowing only the name, but there is a chance. Hammer the name into a search engine of any social network (try to search in each). Usually in this case, the search engines derive too many options. If you know of a man in the face, then you have a difficult and tedious job to review all the options available. But if it's worth it, then why not? If you have any additional information about the person, such as name, city, date of birth or University where the person studied, your task is greatly simplified. And if the options you will have not a few hundred, a couple dozen, find from the list a person will be much easier.
Use the search resources. However in this case, find person by surname will probably be more difficult. However, if the personyou are looking for, not very common surname and has its own Internet-project, or is he just under their name registered on some websites, you will probably be able to find it. However, in the case of search engines, not the fact that you will be given a contact person, as it would be in the case of social networks. Most likely you will receive only brief information about the person's possible links to the blog of a man. And then, only if the person maintains an electronic diary or relatively well-known.
Search for people through search websites. Such in a Runet at present, there were many, but you should be very careful. Among other of the search sites available and sites-fraudsters who initially collect information about you, and then ask you to send an sms to a number or enter the number of your mobile phone. Typically, such scams can lose a few hundred rubles with your telephone number. So, choosing such a site dedicated to locating people, you need to be very careful and if in doubt the integrity of the authors of the project should leave a suspicious site.