You will need
  • - computer,
  • - Internet,
  • database on city residents
  • phone,
  • - contact information city archives,
  • - the passport.
Locate in the desired city of all local portals and sites free ads. And place there a message on the wanted person. Promise of reward. Even if it is symbolic, people are more likely to share information with you.
Look for the database on the residents of this city in the Internet. This information is distributed charge and, as a rule, not legitimately. Suitable base with personal information of subscribers of cellular service and landline, and passport data.
Report the incident to the police. Especially if we are talking about a close person, on payment of the alimony or about any offence. In law enforcement their own ways of tracing people. And do not neglect them.
Please contact the city archives to specify where the person studied or worked in this city. As a rule, the statement can be submitted not only in person but also via email or the Internet. Services archives paid. How to submit a request to the organization find out on the website or by phone. Do not forget to specify other terms of service: time, cost, ability to copy or photograph of your receipt.
Find mutual friends in this city. Contact them for help, for any additional information. Perhaps the man had already moved, and you're not there. Can help not only people but also organizations with which he was dealing. For example, from a recording on the forum website, you can know that your former classmate has been living in Turkey.
Find out with the help of city reference numbers of those organizations where you studied or worked wanted. Later, find out how they receive information. Sometimes it is enough of a question on the phone, but some organizations may require a letter or formal request.
Take themselves in the city. On site you will be able to find out much more. But before the trip, it is necessary to conduct preparatory work. Update addressand phone numbers of those to whom you can turn to. Pre-arrange a personal meeting. Often with eye to eye, you can learn that will put you on the trail.
Contact address Bureau in this city. After a passport here give information about the place of registration of residents. If this address is your man's home, talk to the neighbors. They can tell you where to look further.
Go to local popular Newspapers and chat with reporters. If you tell a touching or dramatic story, which they then use in their publication, that will help you. Journalists have their contacts in different circles, including in law enforcement.