You will need
  • powder;
  • liquid for washing dishes;
  • - stain;
  • - bleach;
  • - alcohol.
Put on the spot a detergent for dishes, which is good removes fat. After some time wash the thing in the washing machine at the temperature of 40-60 degrees – it depends on the type of fabric. If you made such a mess of clothes Shoe Polish and immediately started to remove it, you should be okay.
If contamination is not removed, apply a suitable stain remover. This can be as a liquid, a gel or a powder. But the remedy must match the kind of fabric and does not damage the color if you don't want to receive instead of the black spot white. After pre-treatment wash thing in a familiar way.
With the white products to wash the stain of Shoe Polish you can use oxygen bleach. Put it a little more than indicated in the annotation into the compartment for pre-wash, add a dose of powder with optical bleach. Include the program, the water temperature should be 60 degrees. Don't forget to pour the conditioner in a special compartment, so the material is softened rinse, ironed otherwise it will be difficult. If the Shoe Polish did not wash out the first time – do not worry, repeat the procedure from the beginning.
With leather things to remove Shoe Polish can be plain alcohol or vodka. If the color is ingrained in the material, moisten a cotton pad and apply it to the stain for 10 minutes. In the end, wipe with a damp cloth, and when the moisture evaporates, apply a repellent cream or treat the skin with a special spray.
Take the thing to the dry cleaners, if you are afraid of it to spoil as a result of home experimentation. Professionals will remove the stain of Shoe Polish with modern and safe material means.