You will need
  • the written consent of all tenants;
  • - technical passport of the house.
From that will register whether you local area, will depend on the view from the Windows of your apartment: Parking, a landscaped courtyard with a Playground or dumping of household garbage. The man who will be the recorded documents on the property the local area, you will solve all questions on payment of land tax and improvement of the yard.
Treat the necessity of registration in the property the earth under an apartment house seriously. If necessary, spend General meeting of tenants of the house and get their written consent.
If the house sits on a plot formed before 01.03.2005 year, when entered into force the Housing code of the Russian Federation, and its cadastral registration is carried out, the land moves in the General part owners tenants free of charge. No decisions on this issue in the public authorities are necessary.
Define vote of the authorized person, who will be the issue of ownership. Adopt at the General meeting the decision on the formation of a land plot, if this has not been done prior to 01.03.2005.
According to the law "About introduction in action of the Housing code of the Russian Federation" all questions of the formation of the land must deal with local governments. An elected person should contact the city and apply for its formation. The statement must include minutes of meeting, status of the house, documents of title tenants for the premises and the passport of the authorized person.
Will receive a document of ownership for every part of the apartment building from all owners before the registration of land. If one citizen has no such documents, register the land under the apartment house will be impossible. The land plot is indivisible.