You will need
  • - cadastral extract from BTI on all apartments;
  • - copy of the cadastral plan of the land settlements;
  • - excerpt from the cadastral documents of land;
  • - the statement in FPRZ;
  • receipt of payment for registration.
For registration of a land plot under an apartment house and around it, you'll need to hold a General meeting of apartment owners. Select an initiative group, which will deal with the registration of the land plot in property. Usually this group includes senior on the porch before.
Meeting the owners maintain a Protocol, which make the whole course of the meeting, write the entire initiative group and the final decision of the residents.
Each owner is obliged to obtain the BTI extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan of the apartment. The initiative group can do that only if the name of the person will be issued a notarized power of attorney. BTI provides documents only to owners, a notary Trustees or at the request of a notary.
Please contact your local authorities, get a copy of the plan of the lands of settlements. The plan will indicate the area is related to a specific home. The administration is not engaged in surveying, to determine the exact boundaries, create a map, plan and place boundary marks will be experts from the Federal office for the unified accounting of land, cadastre and cartography. This office shall address the members of the initiative group with the application and received statements of BTI.
Based on the work of the land plotbelonging to the apartment building will be delivered on a single cadastral registration, it will be assigned a number and decorated cadastral passport, which is required for registration of property rights in PPRC.
The registration of rights of ownership in the USRR, in sub-section № 3-3 lists all the apartment owners who own a land plot, that is, it will have a property with restricted easement. This means that to allocate your land from common ownership impossible.
Registration of ownership apartment under the house and around it ensures that without the decision of the owners on the land can not carry out the construction, set pavilions, Parking, transfer part of the land under the cellar or use for other purposes. This circumstance in turn ensures that the land plot will be used as considered necessary by the owners.