You will need
  • - hormonal means;
  • - caffeine;
  • - mint;
  • red root.
This problem will help to solve the endocrinologist, in extreme cases, a gynecologist. Make an appointment with a specialist. You will be given a blood test for levels of hormones. To start treatment until results of tests are just pointless, because you need to know what needs to be treated.
To reduce the level of male sex hormones will help you oral contraceptives. But the dosage should be adjusted by your doctor. Not all hormone treatment have a therapeutic effect, for example, from low-dose drugs will not be confused as they are as close to natural hormonal background of women. To achieve balance, high-dose, highly prescribed drugs that contain mostly estrogen.
Can take the herb red root, it corrects the hormonal balance. Despite the fact that in women it has one effect, and men another. Red root adapts to the characteristics of the organism, and if the beautiful half of humanity it raises estrogen levels, a strong testosterone. Method of use is described in the abstract. But you have a choice - buy a medicinal plant in the form of herbs or pills. Get what you optimally suited. For example, if you work, you will be more convenient to take pills than it is to brew the herb in the middle of the day.
Caffeine also corrects some hormonal women, and raises the level of female hormones. If you consume several cups of coffee a day, gradually estrogen will increase when the level of testosterone will gradually decline. But remember that coffee is contraindicated for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.
Drink herbal tea made from mint, she takes testosterone and helps to normalize hormonal levels. It is for this reason to use mint men it is impossible, as they decrease important hormones can have a negative impact on overall health and potency.