You will need
  • balls green and any other color size "5"
  • cable AVVG 4x25 - 3.30 m
  • - the decorative ornaments of a finished product of the balls
  • - the line
  • - glue gun
In the estate there are several ways of making figures from balloons. So that's the most common way you can make any number of small round balls that need to be inflated the same size. If you make the balls the figures for the first time, be sure to tell the seller of balloons that you are going to have children. The seller will select for you the balls required strength, roundness and size. In our case, you will need 5 balls of the size.
To make the number "2" which stands on a green "meadow" (other digits are made on the same principle), first prepare the cable. It will serve as a frame for the figures and clearing. Suitable cable type AVVG 4x25. For glades cut the cable length of 1.20 m. figures 2.10 m
On both pieces of cable with two sides fold the loop so that the beads are subsequently off the frame. From the longer cable, Flex the digit "2". The shape of the cable will be its base.
Green balls make a clearing. This twist between 4 inflated ball. These twists are called "primitives". See primitives into the clearing. All you need for the entire frame opening 16 of the primitives. Place green finished the clearing on the floor.
Now start making the digit "2" of the balls fifth the size of any other color, for example red, pink or blue. It will need more primitives than on the meadow.
Now it is time to hoist the resulting "d" of the balls in the fruit bowl and tie it to her line. The height of this aerocrine will be up to 1.40 meters. You can further decorate the number in its sole discretion.