You will need
  • gym ball, pump
Use to inflate the balland pump, equipped with a tip hole valve type. It is unlikely you will be able to inflate ball mouth - it's too hard. If you bought the ball for a small child, be sure to pre-wash it or wipe disinfectant for plastic or rubber.
After you brought the ball home from the street, let it Mature for a couple of hours, and only then when he will acquire the room temperature, start inflating. Screw the tip of the pump to the hole in the balle and start the pump. Do not try to pump the ball up to the diameter specified in the instructions: it is enough 80 - 90 % . As the ballmade of highly elastic materials, after some time, they are a bit stretched.
When pumping the balland its diameter must not exceed the maximum specified size. Look at the dimensions listed on the package. To understand whether you pumped a shell, easily hit on his arm – it needs to bend a couple of inches. If you inflate the ball very much, it will be difficult to keep balance. If you inflate it too little, you won't get the desired massage effect on the muscles of the body.
The surface on which the courses will take place must be smooth and not too slippery. Excluded classes on stone surfaces is dangerous. Remove all piercing and cutting items off the floor. Do not place the ball near a radiator or other heat source.
If you feel that to practice you need a little blow to the ball, repeat the procedure, trying not to release air from the shell when you attach the pump. Conversely, if the ball is too hard for you, open the protective flap and gently let the air out of their ball. If air gets in the course of employment, check the quality safety valves.