Advice 1: How to change voice using ball

Cartoon voice from the lips of respectable and adult - it's fun that will not leave anyone indifferent. Using constant attribute of the holiday can be great fun. For funny and harmless entertainment need a normal balloon filled with helium.
How to change voice using ball
You will need
  • a balloon filled with helium.
Balloons is an amazing thing, the direct purpose of which is to give pleasure. But helium-filled balloons can not only pull the thread to gather in song and beautifully to let in the sky. The filler may alter the voice, making it thin, squeaking. It is enough to untie the balloon and attach it to your mouth and inhale. You can now amuse yourself and others gathered cartoonish voice.
A helium-filled balloon, reaching out to the sky because this inert gas is approximately four times lighter than atmospheric air consisting mainly from nitrogen and oxygen. For this reason, the inhalation of helium affects the voice — due to different frequency vibrations of air and the speed of sound. But the very structure of the vocal apparatus for the inhalation of air mixtures with unusual parameters of density and viscosity is not affected. Therefore, the effect of the kitchen at C grade on as long as there is a breath of air with an inert gas.
Is it harmful to breathe helium? No, air mixture with the content of this and other inert gases are used for breathing during scuba diving. Another thing is that a mixture in which less than 16-17% oxygen unsuitable for breathing. But during inhalation of air ball mixed with ordinary atmospheric air, so the fun with helium balloons and yet no one ever suffer.
There is a risk of Allergy, but it is connected not with helium, and talc, used for processing the inner surface of latex balloons to prevent clumping. Asthma is strictly prohibited such entertainment!
Useful advice
On the occurrence of effect a thin voice to influence the shape of the balloon material (latex or foil it).

Advice 2: What is an inert gas

Inert gases in the periodic table are the elements of main group VIII of the group of: helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon and radon, the latter is a radioactive element. They are also called noble gases.
What is an inert gas

The electronic structure of inert gases

All noble gases have a complete, stable configuration of the outer electron level: helium is a doublet, the other gases the octet. Each of them completes the corresponding period in the periodic table.

Inert gases in nature

All the inert gases, except radioactive radon, can be found in the composition of atmospheric air. Helium is the most abundant element in space after hydrogen. The sun on 10% of the noble gas formed from hydrogen by nuclear fusion reactions with the release of positrons and antineutrinos.

Physical properties of noble gases

Inert gases of monatomic molecules is presented. Under normal conditions, helium, neon, argon, krypton and xenon are gases without color and odorless, poorly soluble in water. The more of them the atomic number, the higher the boiling point and melting point.

Helium has unique properties: it remains liquid even at very low temperatures, down to absolute zero, without undergoing crystallization. To crystallize helium is possible only under a pressure of 25 atmospheres. In addition, this gas has the lowest boiling point of all substances.

Chemical properties of noble gases

For a long time it was believed that noble gases do not form compounds. However, experimentally under special conditions was obtained fluorides and oxides of xenon, the existence of which was predicted by a theorist by Linus Pauling.

Used as inert gases

Due to its outstanding physico-chemical properties of the inert gases are widely used in science and technology. So, with the help of liquid helium to get extremely low temperature, and the mixture of helium and oxygen in a ratio of 4:1 is used as an artificial atmosphere for breathing of divers.

Since helium is the lightest gas after hydrogen, they are often filled with airships, probes and balloons. Its lifting force equal to 93% of the lifting power of hydrogen.

Neon, argon, krypton and xenon are used in light engineering – manufacturing gas discharge tubes. By passing an electric current through tubes filled with neon or argon gas begins to glow, and the color of this radiation depends on the gas pressure.

Argon is the cheapest of the noble gases is used to create an inert atmosphere when carrying out chemical reactions, the products of which interact with oxygen.
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