If you require the production of labels having any special properties (e.g., warranty of non-removable labels or non-adhesive heat-resistant, etc.), then, of course, should apply to any company having the appropriate equipment. The same option should be chosen when you need to print large number of labels. To find such enterprise you can in the Internet, and through local information service products and services.
If special requirements to materials, and volumes no print, use of a personal computer in combination with a printing device. Start with the preparation for printing of the label model. You can use any graphic or text editor. If you plan to create your own label, the main party of which is graphic design, you can use such as Adobe Photoshop. If the primary must have a data load with some graphics, it might be more word processor Microsoft Office Word. Below we consider the second option.
Load the word processor, press the alt key then the down arrow key and press enter to open the dialog for creating a new document with three frames. In the left frame, browse to and click the "row Labels", resulting in the middle frame will appear the list of template types - labels on folders and envelopes, gift, commodity, CD/DVDs, tags, etc. Click on the section name and in the same frame will be loaded the appropriate template labels. Choose the most suitable option, and click the "Download"button.
Complete data of the selected template. If necessary, edit using MS Word its appearance and format.
Prepare the printing device. When printing on sheets of standard sizes, you can do the usual printer, if you are going to print on polymer media, then you may need a thermal printer with roll feed paper. Make sure the printer is plugged in, connected to the computer and equipped with adequate quantity of consumables, and then press ctrl + p in a word processor and send the print-prepared layouts of labels.