You will need
  • Computer, easy jet, dot matrix or laser printer and paper for printing, Word, WordPerfect, Access, FoxPro or Excel.
Typically, the barcode is printed on the label by the producers. If you print the label yourself, and the barcode you will have to print myself. It is very simple.
Open Word, WordPerfect, Access, FoxPro, Excel or any other Windows program, create a new document.
Select the TrueType font Font. This is the codeof the new font, same as the other fonts in your computer. In its application all the necessary information is printed in the barcodethe my.
Fill in the document and place the picture of the barcodea on the sheet in the desired form.
Print out the sheet.
As experience shows, it is best to apply the barcode already on the label. Many thermal transfer printers already print labels with a barcodeif you laid it in the program. It remains only to stick the label on the product.
Typically, the barcodes is applied for easy identification of the product, its transportation and storage. This information needs more than the manufacturers and sellers of goods, rather than consumers.