Advice 1: How to read barcode country of origin

More and more people with the purchase of any goods draws attention to the marked on the packaging of goods bar code, it's just a bar code. And that, of course, correct. The bar code may report enough useful information, including about the country of production of the goods, if you know how to read it.
How to read barcode country of origin
According to the European standard bar code should consist of 13 digits. The first two digits indicate the countrywhere the goods are produced, the next five is the code of the company-manufacturer. It is followed by another five digits is the code of the product itself. Finally, the last digit of the barcode control, it is used to determine its authenticity.
That is, to determine the country of origin, we need only look at the first two digits. For each country connected with a specific numeric code or multiple codes. The most common ones in the Russian market:Australia: 93;Austria: 90, 91;Belgium and Luxembourg: 54;great Britain and Northern Ireland: 50;Germany: 40, 41, 42, 43;Holland: 87;Denmark; 57;Israel: 72;Iceland: 84;Italy: 80, 81, 82, 83;Norway: 70;Portugal: 56;USA and Canada: 00, 01, 03, 04, 06;Turkey: 86;Finland: 64;France: 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37;Switzerland: 76;Sweden: 73;South Africa: 60, 61;Japan: 49.Russia to bar codes is indicated by the numbers 460-469.
In addition, barcodes can also be read directly by the organization-manufacturer. For this five digits following the country code, you need to check through a single information system global registry GEPIR. This can be done via the Internet: go to Russia or the home page of GEPIR and search for code. However, keep in mind that not all manufacturers can be represented in this system – in many countries, legislation on information disclosure can provide the manufacturer the opportunity to choose according to your wishes, they provide data in GERIP or not.
Useful advice
The bar code also gives you the opportunity to determine whether the product is fake. It's enough to make a few simple calculations. For example, you have a bar code consisting of numerals 3000376211205. Add the numbers from it that stand on even ground (0+0+7+2+1+0=10). Multiply this number by 3 (10*3=30). Put the figures standing on odd places, but the most recent (3+0+3+6+1+2=15). Fold the last two of the resulting score (30+15=45). Cross out the first digit (i.e., 4 – remains 5). The number you subtract from 10 (10-5=5). The resulting figure should match the last digit of the barcode that we have – this means that the chosen product is not fake.

Advice 2: How to know the country by barcode

Bar code (barcode) was invented more than half a century ago and during that time managed to take root in virtually all countries of the world. Encrypted the information it contains detailed information about the product and its manufacturer. To decode all 13 or 12 digits code, the ordinary consumer is difficult, however, to know the country in which the goods are produced, is quite capable.
How to know the country by barcode
The most common is a 13-digit bar code, however, along with it is found a 12-digit, which is actively used in the United States and Canada. In addition, there are short 8-digit codes – they are typical for large products and are quite acceptable. Information about the country of origin is encoded in the beginning of the Coda in the first two or three digits. Lists of bar codes of various countries can be found in free access in the Internet, but you can remember the codes of the producers whose products are most commonly exported to our country.
The barcode of a product produced in the United States or Canada, must begin with numbers that fall in the range from 000 to 139. French products have a bar code starting with digits 300-379. Goods from Germany can be calculated by the initial digits of the bar code within the range from 400 to 440. Bar code 450-459, as well as 49 owned by a Japanese item, and the barcode starting with the digits 460-469, indicates that the product is produced in our country.
The bar code of goods from Ukraine starts with a combination of numbers 482 and Belarusian products encrypted code 481. Bar codes of stuff produced in the UK and Northern Ireland begin with the number 50 (500-509), and Norwegian goods are marked with the number 70 (700-709). The barcodes of the products manufactured in China should begin with the number 69 (690-695). Barcodes starting with combinations of digits 977, 978 and 979 must belong to periodicals, books and notes. This group of goods country of origin is not indicated.
In case of discrepancies between the information from the bar code declared country of manufacture, do not rush to sound the alarm, carefully review the package. Perhaps this product was made in one of the subsidiaries of the main manufacturer located in another state. It is also possible, in which the founders of the company are companies from several States, and the bar code only specifies one of them.

Advice 3: How to determine barcode country of origin

The first bar code appeared on the packaging 23 September 1975 and is now used by hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide. The first digits of the code are informed that the owner of the brand (brand of the product) is a member of a national trade organization, is a member of the international Union.
How to determine barcode country of origin
You will need
  • - 12 digits bar code;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Look at the first three figures standing directly under the bar code on the product label. They represent national trade Union, which joined the brand owner of the product. For example, numbers 460-469 are informed that the brand owner is included in the Union of trade organizations of Russia; the numbers 300-379, 400-440, 000-019 indicate the brand owners - members of trade unions - France, Germany and the USA respectively.
Please note that brand owners are not necessarily members of trade organizations of the countries where the product is produced. For example, the brand owner may be a member of the national trade organization of Italy, and the product code 800-839 (Italy) on the label produced in Russia.
Note that there are cases when the owner of the brand is without its barcode on any consignment of goods, and then it has the right to make the manufacturer of goods or the provider. In each case the first digit of the barcode will mean the Union, which includes either the manufacturer or vendor, and it also may not be relevant to the production of goods.
Feature international product code from the internal barcode which can label products in major supermarkets: internal code usually begins with the number " 2 " to avoid coincidences with numbers, formed according to the international standard (none of them starts with the two).
To make a request to GEPIR (Global Electronic Party Information Registry), a single global registry that stores information on the bar codes manufacturers, information about the producers, brief information about the product. Type in your browser and scroll to the "Test barcode (GEPIR)". For information you need to know all 12 figures. It is a reliable way to obtain information about the country of origin of the goods.

Advice 4: How to check the parcel's barcode

Those days, when people by sending via mail a parcel, tormented by the doubt of the success of achieving its destination are long gone, because now their entire path can be found on the barcode that is unique to each mail piece.
This table appears if the number you entered

How to track the parcel movement

The man came into the post office with the aim of sending the parcel, parcel or registered letter, receives from the operator a receipt with their data, its destination, weight and declared value. Everything else on it is and stricktly identifier located at the top right under the attributes of a liaison office. In addition to Russia, the ID helps to track international parcels. Domestic barcode is 14 digits, which are crucial, international look like an alpha-numeric combination.

Inspection shall be conducted on the official website of the Russian post in the tab It can be accessed directly from the home page of the online resource, found under "Services" on the left module "Tracking" and clicking the word "More" is a link to the page.

Below the text describing the procedure, there are two rectangular block, the first of which need to type the mail ID according to the sample given here, and the second captcha, then there are some figures confirming that the user is a real person. With every page refresh it changes. After that, press the small gray button "Find" and after a couple of seconds to get the result. If there is a red inscription that the information is not found, then either the package is not started and we should wait a couple of days or the number is incorrect.

Results table

If successful, the recipient will receive the picture in the gray table, which will contain all of what is happening with the mail sending operation, the date of passage of the treatment points. They appear immediately after the sorter scans pasted on the parcel barcode. Unfortunately, the postal service is not perfect, and some points are skipped. However, a large number of them still allows an estimate of the location of their property.

The sender is also interested in timely delivery, especially if you sent them the item is to be paid, so in his best interest to test whether realized sending and hastened the recipient to accept it. The last line is "Receiving" appears in the table only when he took her, then below goes the information about the sending and receiving of cash payment.

Advice 5: How imei to know the country of origin

IMEI is a unique, unduplicated number assigned to each cellular subscriber device: phone, modem, etc. it is possible to find some data about the device, and if it is issued before 2003, and the country-manufacturer.
A mobile phone that was released before 2003. According to his IMEI to know the country of origin.
First find out the IMEI number. For this, locate it on the sticker under the battery (if removable), directly on the housing (at the modem), on the packing box, instructions. Also, determine this number programmatically by going to the entering phone number mode (device without a keyboard) or leaving all the menus (the device with the keyboard) and typing USSD command *#06#. The rooms are defined by all of these methods must match, otherwise it is likely that you have a stolen camera.
The IMEI number consists of fifteen digits. If the device is made before 1 January 2003, find the two: the seventh and eighth. This is the so - called FAC - Final assembly code, i.e., code of the countryin which final Assembly of the phone. To know the IMEI of the country in which manufactured the individual parts of the apparatus, including the main Board, is not possible. Also it is impossible to know this number and for what country of operation is intended a mobile phone or modem. If the unit manufactured after January 1, 2003 inclusive, to discover the IMEI, the country of origin not at all. In this case, six digits from the third to the eighth is the ID type, which previously held the numbers one through six. Information on the country of origin in it, so if forums ask a question like "what does FAC 03", waiting for the right answer to it is meaningless.
If the device is released until 2003, has remained on these two figures to determine the country of origin of apparatus. Note that country codes used in bar codes, the FAC has nothing to do, especially because in the first case, codes are not always two-digit, and the second always. Thus, allowing to determine the country of origin by the first digit of the barcode will not help. The most common the following codes: 19, 40 - UK, 07, 08, 10, 70 - Finland, 20 - Germany, 80 - China, 67 - US 30 - South Korea. In other countries, including Hungary, to 2003 mobile devices almost did not make. If the device is released in 2003 and later, specify the country of origin on labels on the sticker under the battery housing, packing box, instructions, etc.
Turn off the phone before removing the battery.
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