You will need
  • - application for membership in GS1 RUS;
  • - money to pay the entrance fee.
The only organization that officially develops a standard for the assignment of the barcodes in Russia, as the authorized representative of GSI international is the Association of automatic identification "UNISCAN/GS1 RUS". Other companies of this kind opened in Russia, are only intermediaries. Check the license. Possible that this is a Scam, and the barcode of the EAN European from them just do not get it.
The barcode can be obtained free shareware. To do this, your organization is the manufacturer of the goods needs to join GS1 RUS. To implement this step, write the Declaration of accession, with a list of products that should obtain a barcode. Upon consideration of the application list on the settlement account of the organization of the entrance fee in the amount of 25,000 rubles. Finished the application form you can find on the website of GS1 RUS (
Barcode you need to get in the form of a set of numbers that actually make up. The figures indicate:- the code of the country;- the company prefix GSI;- the number of products of your company, based on a list attached to the application. The European barcode contains 13 digits, us – 12.
When the numbers of the barcodeand the resulting, you need to develop the label design and the location of the code. The size of the barcodeand also depends on your choice. It is important that the numbers were readable and easily scanned with a scanner barcodes supermarket.
Note that the classical color for the bar codea is black (or another dark color like dark brown) on a white or (oddly enough), bright shade of red background.
After printing bar codeand laser printer, or printing, the final version to be tested by a verifier (a special device to verify that the correct barcodeand and its reader).