First of all, undress to underwear. Nylon tights is also better off, as they have a slimming effect. However, if, for example, the skirt you plan to wear exclusively on nylon pantyhose, it makes sense to measure them. Measurements are made with the help of the tape measure at the outermost points of the buttocks. Do not repeat the mistakes of those who measures the circumference of the hips, the breeches or protruding bones.
If you have a protruding belly, measure, given its protrusion. To do this, use a flexible plate applied to the abdomen and down to thighs. Protrusion of the abdomen is particularly important if you are going to buy or order a fused suit.
For tailoring purposes, the measurement result denoted by the abbreviation ABOUT, for example, ABOUT 98, or expressed in half-size and denote POB (poluobhvat hips). Thus, the same measurement result can be expressed as ОБ98 and how ПОБ49.
If you are planning to buy clothes of foreign manufacture, it is possible that you will have to convert centimeters to another measure of length: the measurements of American clothing manufacturers often expressed in inches (inch). 1 inch fits 2.54 mm see Also the following table for the translation of cm into inches:

1 mm = 0,0397 inch

1 cm = 0,397 inch

1 m = 39.37 inches

The letter is the inches are indicated by an apostrophe: 0,0397’; 39,37’, etc.
In the case where it is necessary to make measurements of the circumference of the hips, and the tape at hand is missing, perform a measurement of any tape or rope. To do this, grasp the thigh strap (rope) at the most protruding points of buttocks and note the ribbon (rope) a place that corresponds to the measurements. You can do the stitch with colored thread or tie a knot. Then the strip (rope) can be applied to a wooden meter or roulette and so to know the dimension in numeric expression.