To determine the consistency of the parameters and the size of the clothes for the top and bottom, you need to arm yourself with measuring tape. Measure chest girth for jackets, waist and hips for skirts, pants and shorts.
Bust is measured clearly on the line of the nipples and underarms. The tape should be on the same level. It is desirable that the bust was "Packed" in a bra with no foam.
Waist measure at the narrowest point of the torso. It's okay if this line is a bit inflated. For jeans with a low rise measure the girth of the sides – the stomach under the navel. When measuring the hips the cm must adhere to the most convex part of the buttocks.
No wonder a pair of 42-44 sized clothing is often printed on the label together. Sometimes top for women more slender than the bottom. Rarely, but it happens and Vice versa. This figure plays a special role when buying dresses and suiting couples when to separate pieces of clothing is almost impossible.
In Europe and America women's options are somewhat different from the Russian. Our size 42-44 correspond to English 10-12, 40-42 European, American and 6-8 M-L international size.
Also the consistency of the parameters and the size depends on growth. Depending on the height of women girths of chest, waist and thighs can a little bit fluctuate.
For girls the growth of 165-170 cm normal weight is 50-55 kg clothing size 42-44. If a woman is below or above, its growth and volume, respectively, will be more or less.
How it looks in practice? For blouses, tops and blouses 42-44 Russian size bust 85-90 cm With a selection of shorts, skirts and classic trousers, the hip should be 65-70 cm, so you can get into the 44th dimension.
When buying skinny jeans with a low waist important parameters are the waist and hips. Their girth should not exceed 96 cm women's Standard settings for size 42-44 – 90-65-95.
Very often the volumes and growth are not the same. For example, a tall girl from 175 cm can't find your pants, because with a relatively small circumference of hips and waist, length of leg is shorter than than necessary. Low but thick women is somewhat easier – you can always shorten any dress or jeans. It can also happen that due to the busts or broad hips bottom one size, and on top of the other.
For tall girls, the optimal solution individual tailoring or buying Gypsy things - blouses and skirts, not one-piece dresses, trousers size 44, jacket 42, or Vice versa. When you buy Asian clothing you must consider that China's sewing patterns-small.