In order to determine which size dress you need, you need to measure the chest girth and hip girth. To the sizes was accurate, to measure itself should not itself, and together with the assistant. Because a wrong inclination or rotation while taking measurements can lead to inaccuracies, and the size does not fit you.
Measure the bust meter ribbon. It is desirable that you were either in underwear or thin clothing. Need to relax and stand up straight, to be a person who measures you, just fixed your settings.
Measure the circumference of the hips. Posture the same. Note that to measure the volume of the thighs need the most protruding points of the buttocks. Tape cannot be stretched, but it should not SAG.
Special attention should be paid to its growth. There are no perfect people, but when such an important choice of clothing, like dress, is very important to know your height. In this case, it is difficult to find dress girls growth 146-152 cm, as many dresses are made for girls with height 170 cm and above. But do not get upset, one should choose dresses of such a style to be hemmed to the length that is right for you.
View a table of sizes, find your settings and find out the size. Note: There are several types of sizes, and shop when choosing dresses you can face them. The best known are the sizes of the Russian plan, they are represented by numbers from 38 to 56 sizes. And there is a foreign plan, and designate them by the letters from S to 3XL. But most often can be seen in Russian shops, Russian sizes.
Now look at the table and determine your size:Size 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56
Bust: 75-78 79-82 83-86 87-90 91-94 95-98 99-102 103-106 107-110 111-114
Hip: 82-86 87-90 91-94 95-98 99-102 103-106 107-110 111-114 115-118 119-122
A similar description of the measurements to determine your sizeand help you select the perfect dress for walking and for business meetings. Have a nice shopping!