The letter M on the label stands for medium, that is the average. You should arm yourself with measuring tape and find out the parameters of size M.

What to measure women

To learn the details and clothing size M, it is necessary to measure the volumes of the lower and upper parts of the body separately. The other important factor is height, leg length and shoulder width.

The first is to measure the circumference of your chest. You need to wear a bra without the foam, to hold the measuring tape under the armpits and shoulder blades, and then enclose the edges at the level of the nipples. Size M matches bust 90-96 cm

Hips are measured at the widest part of the pelvis. The tape should not be held directly. Behind it should be lowered at the convex part of the buttocks, and in front a little lift. Owner hip width 95-99 cm wear clothing size M

Waist – the narrowest part of the torso shall not exceed 70 cm in girth. Shoulder width in size M is 37-38 cm, sleeve length – 56-58 cm Jeans size M mostly sew for girls growth 170-176 cm, leg 104-107, see international size M corresponds to European 38-46 Russian mu-mu.

Options for men

Size M are pretty skinny guys of average height. As the process of fitting more like women, often the clothes men buy wives, mothers or sisters. Besides, it is women who are hesitant to buy sweaters and jeans in a gift, then as a guy, do not understand the size, would prefer something like perfume or household appliances.

So, those who are used to choose clothes on the eye, standing right in the store to measure men's size M, armed with a measuring tape. You need to make it to the widest part of the shirt just under the sleeves, trying not to stretch the fabric. Bust men for size M should be 96 cm or 37 to 38 inches.

Men's waist is measured when buying jeans and trousers. At size M it should not exceed 88-90 cm Length of leg will 106-108 see

Hardest without trying to choose the male shirt. Need to know the width of the shoulders, the sleeve length and neck circumference. The shirts are usually written from these parameters, so measuring them in the store don't have. Size M correspond to the shoulders 43-45 cm, sleeve cm 60-61 and neck 38-39 see

Sometimes the circumference of the neck is indicated according to the American non-metric system, which corresponds to 15-15,5 inches. For outerwear – jackets, coats, raincoats, - it is necessary to add a few inches to the girth of the neck as the collar of this clothes not to fit flush.