You will need
  • -the tape;
  • -pants
Take your pants where you feel the most convenient. They stretch in the waist area and measure with a centimeter distance between the hands. Received the size in centimeters, multiply twice. You get the approximate circumference of the waist. To translate it to inches, divide the waist circumference by 2.54. The resulting figure is the size of your favorite pants.
If the "model" of pants you have there, and the desire to try on all the sizes of jeans in the store, then take the inch and make a few measurements. First, measure the circumference of the waist. Ensure that the cm does not contract the skin and at the same time not hanging. The resulting figure, divide by 2.54. You get the size that is written next to the letter W. It means waist (in translation from English – zone.
The second digit that interests you, you'll be on the label next to the letter L, which means "lenght" and indicates the length of the inseam. Is the distance from the groin to the floor. Russian translate centimeters into inches and it is in them and measured indicators for pants. For this purpose, as already mentioned, divide the centimeters by 2.54.
Sometimes when specifying the size of the pants you can find such parameters as Rise, and Leg Opening that means the height of the belt and the diameter of the legs near the floor, respectively. They also like other pants are measured in inches. Belt height is calculated as the average between the distance from the crotch to the waist front and back.
Sometimes the pants can meet international size, which is defined in letters from XS to XL (nXL). In this case, don't translate centimeters to inches, and take into account half of the waist or hips (depending on planting pants) and correlate with the letter.
With all the measurements do not strongly pull the measuring tape to the removed indicators were close to real.